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No, not that Alan Jackson. I do sing and play guitar, but I have never released a record or won a Country Music award. Please don't write me for a backstage pass or tickets to a show. I can't help you. And yes, I really do get those requests.

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HIGHLIGHT Up to date weather at my house

HIGHLIGHT Tracking COVID in Texas

HIGHLIGHT View Houston Permit Data

HIGHLIGHT Crime Statistics for the Heights

HIGHLIGHT Sidewalk quality in the Heights

HIGHLIGHT A Decade of Letters to the Editor



HIGHLIGHT My Blog on Veganism, Carbon Footprints, and Loving Earth

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HIGHLIGHT Review of my Mailing Label software

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    A little background material, just in case we know each other from years ago and you'd like to contact me. Please feel free!

    I live in Houston, Texas, and am retired from Shell Oil as a Geophysicist. I grew up in Pasadena, Texas, and received my degrees from Rice University, and from the University of Colorado, in Physics.

    I made my Cursillo in 1992. This was a seminal event for me, and I have since served on several Cursillo teams including being the rector for one, and a Kairos team. Part of my response has been to become the FAQ

    I do some programming. I have several perl programs available for free, see the link to the left. My software for generating mailing labels seems to be especially popular.

I may be reached at alan@ajackson.org

If you have scraped addresses in my domain off the web, and expect me to help you clean them out of your e-mail list, I will be happy to do so at a standard charge of $10 per address.