Barnett, Annie Alice

Birth Name Barnett, Annie Alice
Gender female
Age at Death about 62 years


Type Date Place Description Notes
Birth about 1872 Alabama    
Death before 1934    


Father Barnett, George Washington
Mother Sledge, Dorothy Josephine
  1. Barnett, George W
  2. Barnett, Laura
  3. Barnett, Maggie B
  4. Barnett, Dollie J
  5. Barnett, Tabitha
  6. Barnett, James Robert
  7. Barnett, Elizabeth


Unknown Partner Franks


From John Barnett, The Barnett Family of Alabama, rev 1934
Alice was a nurse, received her training in Houston or Beaumont
sanitarium. After several years nursing, had an operation for
appendicitis and died in the same hospital. No children.


Name: Mrs. Alice Franks
Death Date: 29 Dec 1911
Death County: Harris
Certificate: 26761

Name: Annie B. Franks
Death Date: 11 Nov 1929
Death County: Gonzales
Certificate: 53709

Source References

  1. The Barnett Family of Alabama - 1934
  2. 1880 US Census (B)


  1. Barnett, George Washington
    1. Sledge, Dorothy Josephine
      1. Barnett, George W
      2. Barnett, Laura
      3. Barnett, Annie Alice
        1. Franks
      4. Barnett, Maggie B
      5. Barnett, Dollie J
      6. Barnett, Tabitha
      7. Barnett, James Robert
      8. Barnett, Elizabeth