Barnett, John Amos

Birth Name Barnett, John Amos
Gender male
Age at Death 26 years, 4 months, 7 days


Type Date Place Description Notes
Birth 1900-01-29 Montgomery, Montgomery, AL    
Death 1926-06-05 Charlotte, Mecklenburg, NC    


Father Barnett, John James
Mother Sanders, Exa Elizabeth


Married Wife Kern, Living
  1. Barnett, Living
  2. Barnett, Living


From John Barnett, The Barnett Family of Alabama 1934 rev :
John Amos Barnett lived 1920-1921 at Akron, Ohio engaged in battery business for himself, thence to Pittsburg and Cleveland in the printing business and on account of a severe throat ailment removed to Charlotte, NC in the early part of 1926, but was immediately forced to the hospital where his condition became serious and the end coming on Saturday, June 5, 1926. He is interred Charlotte. Mary Kern Barnett now resides ion Chattanooga, Tenn.

Source References

  1. The Barnett Family of Alabama - 1934 rev


  1. Barnett, John James
    1. Sanders, Exa Elizabeth
      1. Barnett, John Amos
        1. Kern, Living
          1. Barnett, Living
          2. Barnett, Living