Edelbrock, Joseph Alexius

Birth Name Edelbrock, Joseph Alexius
Gender male


Type Date Place Description Notes
Birth 1894-03-18 St. Joseph, Buchanan, Mo    


Married Wife Barnett, Vallie Adelaide
  Marriage 1922-08-22 at

From John Barnett, The Barnett Family in Alabama, 1934 (rev) :
Joseph is Assistant Cashier San Diego Trust & Savings Bank. Our third reunion was with Vallie and Joe at their home, 2329 32nd St. San Diego, July 15, 1932, and included teh presence of Mrs Louise C Wilson formerly of Atlanta. It was indeed a most enjoyable occasion.

  1. Edelbrock, Living
  2. Edelbrock, Living

Source References

  1. The Barnett Family of Alabama - 1934 rev


  1. Edelbrock, Joseph Alexius
    1. Barnett, Vallie Adelaide
      1. Edelbrock, Living
      2. Edelbrock, Living