Jackson, Willard Arthur

Birth Name Jackson, Willard Arthur
Gender male


Type Date Place Description Notes
Birth 1886-05-12 Koylton, Tuscola, MI    


Unknown Partner Barnett, Lucille


From John Barnett, The Barnett Family of Alabama 1934 rev :
He enlisted in the US Navy at Indianapolis, Ind May 9, 1906. In Sep 1917 appointed pharmacist US Navy; May 1919 commissioned Chief Pharmacist; in July 1923 was transferred to fleet Naval Reserves after 20 years continuous service as a chief pharmacist mate and on May 9, 1936 will be placed upon the retired list of the US Navy as a Chief Pharmacist ranking as Warrant Officer.
His first appointment as a warrant officer was personally signed by our President Franklin Delano Roosevelt who was then Assistant Secretary of the Navy.
Williard and Lucille reside in their own beautiful home surrounded by an unusual variety of fruit trees, including the famous Avacado Pears at El Cajon, (pronounced El Kahone) California about 15 miles from San Diego.
To all Jacksons, Barnetts and their friends, the latch string hangs perpetually on the outside and on the inside is awaiting a welcome that you'll never forget including avacado pear salad -- the salad prescribed for the Hollywood stars -- orange juice, grape juice and other juices simply "what am". When you'll hear the bugle calls, take a tip from me and go out for the time of your life.

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  1. Jackson, Willard Arthur
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