McDade, Charles W.

Birth Name McDade, Charles W.
Gender male
Age at Death unknown


Type Date Place Description Notes
Birth   Montgomery, Montgomery, AL    
Death between 1932-11-00 and 1932-12-00 Atlanta, De Kalb, GA    


Married Wife Barnett, Dollie J
  Marriage between 1894-11-00 and 1894-12-00 at Montgomery, Montgomery, AL

From John Barnett, The Barnett Family in Alabama, 1934 (rev) :
Hazel McDade, teh oldest lives now in Jacksonville, Fla. Is an accountant and maintains an office 109 Julia St., Jax., Fla.
Hugh McDade lived to be 21 years of age, was seriously injured in an automobile accident July 4, 1921 or 1922 between Montgomery and Ramer, Ala. died three weeks later in Hill's hospital, Montgomery. Interred in Atlanta, Ga. Dorothy McDade, the youngest died when about 16 months of age, in October 1905, she is also interred in Atlanta.
Chas. W. McDade married again, had several children by second marriage, all of whom I understand are living in Atlanta with their mother. Chas, W. McDade died November or December 1932.

  1. McDade, Hazel
  2. McDade, Hugh
  3. McDade, Dorothy

Source References

  1. The Barnett Family of Alabama - 1934 rev


  1. McDade, Charles W.
    1. Barnett, Dollie J
      1. McDade, Hazel
      2. McDade, Hugh
      3. McDade, Dorothy