Peerce, Michael Daniel

Birth Name Peerce, Michael Daniel
  • Devaney
Gender male
Age at Death 20 years, 10 months, 26 days


Type Date Place Description Notes
Birth 1910-01-20 Commerce City, Hunt, TX    
Death 1930-12-15 Houston, Harris, Texas    
Residence between 1930-10-00 and 1930-12-15 603 Polk    


Father Peerce, William Francis
Mother Jernigin, Della
  1. Peerce, Marie Catherine
  2. Peerce, Charles J
  3. Peerce, Francis Vincent
  4. Peerce, John Hendrix
  5. Peerce, Margureta Cordeliu
  6. Peerce, William Earl
  7. Peerce, James Jay


Married Wife Mantooth, Bernice Ophelia
  Marriage 1929 at Dallas, Dallas, TX
  1. Pierce, Living


Mother's name Dolores or Melba?
Bellhop in Dallas in about 1929?
In July, 1930, living at 710 1/2 Louisiana, Houston
Not there in April, 1930 according to census
Occupation either Bellhop or auditor
Born in Wichita Falls.
Appears in birth records for Dolores.

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  1. Peerce, William Francis
    1. Jernigin, Della
      1. Peerce, Michael Daniel
        1. Mantooth, Bernice Ophelia
          1. Pierce, Living
      2. Peerce, Marie Catherine
      3. Peerce, Charles J
      4. Peerce, Francis Vincent
      5. Peerce, John Hendrix
      6. Peerce, Margureta Cordeliu
      7. Peerce, William Earl
      8. Peerce, James Jay