Hill, Mary Junette

Birth Name Hill, Mary Junette
Gender female


Type Date Place Description Notes
Birth 1860-06-21 Montgomery, Montgomery, AL    


Father Hill, Archibald
Mother Barnett, Susan Tabitha
  1. Hill, Ida May
  2. Hill, Susan Archie
  3. Hill, Henry Michael
  4. Hill, Sarah Tabitha
  5. Hill, Virginia Graham
  6. Hill, Archibald Edwin
  7. Hill, Henrietta Evelyn
  8. Hill, Barnett Tunstall
  9. Hill, Luther


Unknown Partner McQueen, Living

Source References

  1. The Barnett Family of Alabama - 1934


  1. Hill, Archibald
    1. Barnett, Susan Tabitha
      1. Hill, Ida May
      2. Hill, Mary Junette
        1. McQueen, Living
      3. Hill, Susan Archie
      4. Hill, Henry Michael
      5. Hill, Sarah Tabitha
      6. Hill, Virginia Graham
      7. Hill, Archibald Edwin
      8. Hill, Henrietta Evelyn
      9. Hill, Barnett Tunstall
      10. Hill, Luther