Barnett, Mildred Elaine

Birth Name Barnett, Mildred Elaine
Name Milly 1 2 3 4 5 6
Gender female
Age at Death 75 years, 9 months, 26 days


Type Date Place Description Notes
Birth 1926-09-03 Nederland, Jefferson, TX  
  1. Born in the old Doornbos house where Tri-city airport is now.
Graduation   Port Arthur, Jefferson, TX    
Occupation   Port Arthur, Jefferson, TX Secretary
  1. Used to make carbons of memos or letters that were treating workers unfairly and give the carbons to the union steward.
Occupation   Port Arthur, Jefferson, TX Secretary
  1. Met Hedley while working here. She heard from a girl friend that "Hedley didn't date girls in the office", and she replied, "we'll see about that."
Occupation   White Plains, Westchester, NY Secretary  
Baptism 1953-10-19 Eastchester, Westchester, NY    
Confirmation 1953-11-01 Eastchester, Westchester, NY    
Death 2002-06-29 Houston, Harris, TX  
  1. Died at home.


Nickname Milly


Father Barnett, Robert Lee
Mother Doornbos, Christina Emma
  1. Barnett, Robert Lee Jr
  2. Barnett, Living
  3. Barnett, Living


Married Husband Jackson, Eugene Hedley Vicars
  Marriage 1951-02-01 at Nederland, Jefferson, TX
  1. Jackson, Living
  2. Jackson, Living

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  1. Barnett, Robert Lee
    1. Doornbos, Christina Emma
      1. Barnett, Mildred Elaine
        1. Jackson, Eugene Hedley Vicars
          1. Jackson, Living
          2. Jackson, Living
      2. Barnett, Robert Lee Jr
      3. Barnett, Living
      4. Barnett, Living