Ultramontanism (99) : Derived from latin, ultra montes, beyond the mountains, signifying beyond the Alps, that is, outside of Italy, in France. A Catholic theology associated with Papal authority, even Papal infallibility. Unam Sanctum Bull of 1302 (87) : Papal bull due to Boniface VIII which asserted papal supremacy in all affairs. "We declare, assert, define, and pronounce that it is entirely necessary for salvation that all human creation be subject to the pope of Rome." Act of Uniformity of 1549, 1552 (94) : Ordered that the Book of Common Prayer must be used. Cranmer's first (1549) and first revision (1552).

Formula of Union (82) : 433 A.D. Compromise after Council of Ephesus. Declared Christ as two natures, but declared Mary as Theotokos.

Universalism (35): God is much more than the God of Israel - He is the God of ALL people and wishes to draw all people to Him.

Unmoved Mover (40): God (according to Aristotle). The First Cause.

Upanishads (128): Ancient Hindu scriptures. Contain a tradition of monotheism and great ethical principles. Jesus has been seen by some as the fulfillment of these scriptures.

Urim and Thummim (17): Sacred lots, cast to discern the will of God. Ex 28:30.