Franklin, James

Birth Name Franklin, James
Gender male


Type Date Place Description Notes
Birth about 1858    


Father Franklin, William Plummer
Mother McDowell, Elizabeth
  1. Franklin, William Plummer Jr
  2. Franklin, Samuel Harrison
  3. Franklin, Howell Benjamin
  4. Franklin, Thomas B
  5. Franklin, Jefferson Davis
  6. Franklin, Barbara
  7. Franklin, Alice
  8. Franklin, Mattie Ann
  9. Franklin, Mary C


Married twice, several children, lived and died at Childress and Quanah, Texas.

Source References

  1. The Family of Thomas B. Franklin, Franklin Family Researchers United, Vol 8


  1. Franklin, William Plummer
    1. McDowell, Elizabeth
      1. Franklin, William Plummer Jr
      2. Franklin, James
      3. Franklin, Samuel Harrison
      4. Franklin, Howell Benjamin
      5. Franklin, Thomas B
      6. Franklin, Jefferson Davis
      7. Franklin, Barbara
      8. Franklin, Alice
      9. Franklin, Mattie Ann
      10. Franklin, Mary C