Millican, Eliot McNeil Jr

Birth Name Millican, Eliot McNeil Jr
Gender male
Age at Death 21 years, 7 months, 23 days


Type Date Place Description Notes
Birth 1839 Independence, Washington, TX    
Death 1860-08-24 Millican, Brazos, TX    


Father Millican, Eliot McNeil
Mother Clampitt, Elizabeth
  1. Millican, Susan Elizabeth
  2. Millican, John Earl
  3. Millican, Mary
  4. Millican, Lucinda Jane
  5. Millican, Robert
  6. Millican, William H
  7. Millican, Jasper N


Married Wife Boyce, Amanda Marcella
  Marriage 1851 at Millican, Brazos, TX

This must be wrong - Eliot was 12!


The Central Texian says that a difficulty occurred at Millican's Station, on the 24th ult.,
between two young sons of E.M. Millican, Esq., in which one was instantly killed and the
other dangerously wounded. Texas Christian Advocate (Houston), 6 Sept. 1860, p.2
We regret to learn from the Huntsville Item that on the 24th ult., at Millican's Station,
eight miles from Navasota, the brothers Millican quarreled, E.M. Millican being shot
dead by his brother, whom he had previously wounded dangerously, with a knife stab in
the small of the back. Texas State Gazette (Austin), 15 Sept. 1860, p.2


The Bryan Appeal speaks of Millican as being in his bloody grave, in the most
pathetic manner. What has it to say about the colored preacher whom Millican murdered,
and then gave out that the colored people had killed him? What has it to say about
Upton, one of Millican's prisoners, whom he hung for alleged horse stealing, and then
took the horses and appropriated them to his own use? What has it to say of Millican's
own brother, whom he murdered? What has it to say of the colored man, Bill Reynolds,
Millican's prisoner, whom he took out at midnight, and hung in a frolic? Is the Appeal in
the pay of the Ben Brown gang, and other bands of desperadoes and murderers? We
must confess that its conduct looks very much as if this were the case. It is the open
defender of one of the most notorious assassins that ever cursed Texas. It is a disgrace to
Brazos County, and to the State. Houston Daily Union, 9 September 1870, p.2

Source References

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  1. Millican, Eliot McNeil
    1. Clampitt, Elizabeth
      1. Millican, Susan Elizabeth
      2. Millican, John Earl
      3. Millican, Eliot McNeil Jr
        1. Boyce, Amanda Marcella
      4. Millican, Mary
      5. Millican, Lucinda Jane
      6. Millican, Robert
      7. Millican, William H
      8. Millican, Jasper N