Parish, Leonidas Henderson

Birth Name Parish, Leonidas Henderson
Name Lee 1 2 3 4 5 6
Gender male
Age at Death 77 years, 2 months, 5 days


Type Date Place Description Notes
Birth 1846-10-27 Dresden, Weakley, TN    
Death 1924    
Burial   Calvert, Robertson, TX    


Nickname Lee


Father Parish, Isham S
Mother Baxter, Francis
  1. Parish, Alvarado
  2. Parish, Adelia
  3. Parish, Matthew
  4. Parish, Charles Emmerson
  5. Parish, Mary Rosaline
  6. Parish, Eliza
  7. Parish, William John
  8. Parish, Gilla
  9. Parish, Inis


Married Wife Wilder, Martha J
  Marriage 1871-01-23 at Richmond, AR
  1. Parish, Semmes Wilder
  2. Parish, Ned Ervin


L.H. Parish went to war as a boy of fifteen and fought at Vicksburg with Company E of the Texas Infantry. (A History of Robertson County, Texas)


The most distinguished son of Isham Parish was L. H. Parish, who fought in the Civil War and later returned to Calvert as a merchant and cotton buyer. L.H. Parish was a partner in the Parish and Proctor Company. He also owned stock in the Farmers' Market, The First National Bank, and the Calvert Compress Company. (A History of Robertson County, Texas)


CALVERT, WACO AND BRAZOS VALLEY RAILROAD. The Calvert, Waco and Brazos Valley Railroad Company was chartered on June 28, 1899. The line was initially projected to extend from the International-Great Northern Railroad at Lewis Switch to Waco. Members of the first board of directors were George J. Gould of Lakewood, New Jersey; Frank J. Gould of Irvington, New York; Leroy Trice, Nathan A. Steadman, George L. Noble, Alfred R. Howard, and William L. Maury, all from Anderson County, Texas; and Leonidas H. Parish and John T. Garrett, both from Robertson County, Texas. The initial capital was $75,000, and the business office was in Calvert in Robertson County. By the end of 1900 the company had completed sixty-six miles between Bryan and Marlin and a branch from Calvert Junction to Calvert. In that year the charter was amended twice, ultimately raising capitalization to $2,830,000 and changing the projected route to run from Spring, just north of Houston, to Fort Worth. On February 12, 1901, the legislature authorized the International and Great Northern to acquire the Calvert, Waco and Brazos Valley. The two lines merged on May 1. The International and Great Northern completed the line between Spring and Fort Worth in 1902.
- The Handbook of Texas

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  1. Parish, Isham S
    1. Baxter, Francis
      1. Parish, Alvarado
      2. Parish, Adelia
      3. Parish, Leonidas Henderson
        1. Wilder, Martha J
          1. Parish, Semmes Wilder
          2. Parish, Ned Ervin
      4. Parish, Matthew
      5. Parish, Charles Emmerson
      6. Parish, Mary Rosaline
      7. Parish, Eliza
      8. Parish, William John
      9. Parish, Gilla
      10. Parish, Inis