Millican, Marcellus R

Birth Name Millican, Marcellus R
Gender male
Age at Death 33 years, 10 months, 18 days


Type Date Place Description Notes
Birth 1856-01-27 Millican, Brazos, TX    
Death 1889-12-14 Millican, Brazos, TX    
Burial   Millican, Brazos, TX    


Father Millican, Eliot McNeil
Mother Triplett, Marcella E
  1. Millican, Marcella
  2. Millican, Leander Randon
  3. Millican, Wilbur Ashby


Millican ... News came here this afternoon of a killing on G.W. Harrington's plantation,
in the Brazos bottom, near White's Switch. M.R. Millican summoned a jury, and with
Justice Peyton went to the scene. Some little while after they left Deputy Sheriff A.H.
Franklin came in leading Charlie Jones, colored, who did the killing, by the neck, and
before he was jailed, he made a statement that he was going hunting, and borrowed
Charlie Lewis' gun, and Lewis told him he should not load his gun so heavy, and out of
this difference grew the shooting. Lewis was said to have been killed instantly. Dallas
Morning News, 22 March 1887, page 2, col.2.

Source References

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  1. Millican, Eliot McNeil
    1. Triplett, Marcella E
      1. Millican, Marcella
      2. Millican, Leander Randon
      3. Millican, Marcellus R
      4. Millican, Wilbur Ashby