Barnett, John James

Birth Name Barnett, John James
Gender male


Type Date Place Description Notes
Birth 1880-01-17 Briar Hill, Pike, AL    


Father Barnett, Benjamin Rufus
Mother Thrasher, Lavonia Adelaide
  1. Barnett, Infant
  2. Barnett, Michael Ernest
  3. Barnett, William Herbert
  4. Barnett, Ruth
  5. Barnett, Lillian
  6. Barnett, Gaston
  7. Barnett, Wharton Benjamin
  8. Barnett, Lucille
  9. Barnett, Lucius
  10. Barnett, Joel
  11. Barnett, Leannah
  12. Barnett, Vallie Adelaide
  13. Barnett, Robert Summerville


Married Wife Sanders, Exa Elizabeth
  Marriage 1898-11-15 at
  1. Barnett, John Amos
Married Wife Binns, Lucile
  Marriage 1919-12-27 at
  1. Barnett, Living


From John Barnett, The Barnett Family of Alabama 1934 rev :
One of the oldest national guard companies in teh country was organized under the names of the Montgomery True Blues in 1836. The command volunteered to participate in the war that was then being waged against the Seminole Indians in Florida. As an organization, the True Blues have since offered their services in three wars -- to the United States against Mexico; to the Confederate States against the Unionists; and to United States against Spain. John James Barnett, as a member of Company "D", Montgomery True Blues reported for duty at teh Mobile, Ala rendezvous on May 2, 1898 and on May 20, 1898 the True Blues were officially mustered into the 2nd Alabama US Volunteer Infantry under command of Colonel James Wade Cox.
Subsequently upon request of Chaplain A C Harte of Mobile John James Barnett was detailed to act as secretary of the YMCA tent or headquarters, where magazines, stationary, ink, pens, etc, frnished by the ladies of Mobile were distributed to the soldiers. Song services were held under the direction of the Chaplain. There were occasions when the Chaplain brought in couple of barrels of apples and the boys were invited in to have an apple and later join in the song service. 2nd Alabama US Volunteers forst encamoed in Mobile, then to Miami Fla (which was only 5,000 population) then removed up to Jacksonville, Fla and mustered out of service at Montgomery.
Returning from Spanish-American War service reentered telegraph service at Montgomery, Ala serving in various capacities and then made manager at Anniston, Ala thence Knoxville, Tenn and Nashville, Tenn. He served at Anniston about 5 years, Knoxville 5 years and Nashville 6 years, leaving the service in 1920 to enter present vocation of mail advertising business including the compiling and selling of automobile owner lists for the state of Tennessee.
Now residing 2117 - 15th Avenue South., Nashville. Drop in whenever in our midst.

Source References

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  1. Barnett, Benjamin Rufus
    1. Thrasher, Lavonia Adelaide
      1. Barnett, Infant
      2. Barnett, Michael Ernest
      3. Barnett, John James
        1. Sanders, Exa Elizabeth
          1. Barnett, John Amos
        2. Binns, Lucile
          1. Barnett, Living
      4. Barnett, William Herbert
      5. Barnett, Ruth
      6. Barnett, Lillian
      7. Barnett, Gaston
      8. Barnett, Wharton Benjamin
      9. Barnett, Lucille
      10. Barnett, Lucius
      11. Barnett, Joel
      12. Barnett, Leannah
      13. Barnett, Vallie Adelaide
      14. Barnett, Robert Summerville